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Stock Market Quotes

Preperation Material

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General Information

  • Mark your calendar for the 29th of April, as the ISPC will take place as part of the IC Conference

  • During the pitch, remember that you will only have 5 minutes to present your stock

  • Don't worry about the pitch as it will be presented in a small group of 2 jury members and 4-5 other participants ;)

  • Feel free to choose any stock and take either a long or short position for your pitch

How to analyse a stock

Learn expert techniques, tips and examples on stock analysis through our informative video to enhance your investment skills.

Check out these files for a lot of additional resources and information to go through!

Under the Sea

Company Presentations

Gain valuable insights into the world of finance through presentations from companies who have attended our Junior Analyst Program.

So far you can find

  • Solactive - GBS Benchmark Data

  • Kroll - Valuation Workshop

  • Maguar - Alternative Investments

  • Börse Stuttgart - Anatomy of Stock Exchanges

Stock Pitch Examples

Unlock the secrets to crafting a successful stock pitch with our vast collection of inspiring examples. Remember to keep the time limit in mind as you enhance your skills and develop your own unique style.

Save time and structure your stock pitch effectively with our user-friendly Excel sheet & PowerPoint template for organizing your pitch.

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Remember, our examples are only for inspiration, so keep your pitch concise and within the time limit.

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