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Become an Event Partner

Each semester the ESB Investment Club partners with companies of all sizes to educate its members on topics ranging from finance and investment to career and personal growth. 

These events often take the form of presentations or workshops, followed by Q&A sessions and networking opportunities.

Our partners are able to give talks in their area of expertise, connect with ambitious and interested members, provide insights into their companies and open positions.

Given the international character of ESB Business School, we strive to make our events accessible to everyone. As such, we insist on events being conducted in English.


Ambitious and curious students

Event partners are able to connect with our ambitious members that are excited to deepen their finance and investments knowledge alongside their studies and are curious to find out more about you and your company.


Provide insights into your company

Partnering with the ESB Investment Club allows you to present your company and its services, roles, career paths and growth opportunities. Events of this kind present an excellent opportunity to increase awareness and make your company stand out.


Share your open positions

As an event partner, you have the possibility to share your open positions with our more than 300 members. Since mandatory internships are part of almost all study programs at ESB Business School, our students are especially interested to learn about opportunities at your company.


Let's make it happen

Please contact us as soon as possible since we try to plan our semester well in advance. We are excited to hear from you!

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