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Junior Analyst Program

Welcome to the JAP, a unique opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge and experience in the financial market!

Through the JAP, you will have the chance to attend a series of events and workshops hosted by industry professionals, expanding your knowledge and potential career opportunities. As a JAP participant you will have the chance to pitch a stock at the ISPC held during the IC Conference.

Welcome to the IC Conference, where you can leverage the knowledge you aquired during the JAP and particpiate in the ISPC or gain industry inside from our 3 keynotes!

If you're passionate about investing and finance, and would like to receive feedback from experienced judges, or just want to get out of your comfort zone, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge. Click the button to sign up to the conference!

IC Conference


Membership Application

Have you thought of becoming a finance professional? Then register now to the Investment Club of ESB and get access to lectures, magazines, coachings and much more, so that you can start managing your own money as well!


Click on the link below to be directed to the form for registration on easyVerein, our internal member administration system.


When you have filled out the form you will get a confirmation mail soon with the onboarding information and the link to our WhatsApp group.


In our group you will get the password to the members folder on this website. Enjoy and be ready to learn!

Don't wait any longer, become a member today!

*To be eligible for membership, you must be currently enrolled as a student at Reutlingen University.

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