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Our Mission

“Our mission is to go beyond the theoretical financial concepts of the

classroom and create a community of students that share a strong

passion for investment management and are dedicated to apply their

knowledge in our virtual funds”


The Process

Each fund team scans for investment opportunities throughout a large range of equities and conducts deep analyses on promising opportunities. We hold weekly meetings to decide on our findings and summarize our investment choices in monthly update presentations. 


At the end of the period, each fund composes a final report which recaps this semesters’ progress and includes forward guidance by the respective portfolio manager.

ESB Capital Funds

Financial Graphs

A fund following traditional and modern value investing principles to generate excess returns with quality companies trading at a bargain.

Pegasus Value

Cryptocurrency Stocks

A fund that uses a growth-oriented approach to maximize returns through dynamic and diversified investing across different asset classes.

No Limit

Green Energy Turbines

A fund with a focus on ESG and CSR investment opportunities dedicated to maximise sustainable investment returns.

Millennium ESG

Pretty City

A newly created fund that focuses on German companies only, providing an exceptional opportunity to invest in one of the world's biggest economies.

DAX Performance


We are looking for individuals with...

  • high motivation, responsibility and independence

  • strong interest in asset valuation and investing

  • developed critical thinking abilities

  • advanced English skills

  • time

Organizational Team

The application process only takes place during the start of the semester.

Join the ESB Investment Club and contact us to find out more!

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