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What is the BVH?

The BVH (Bundesverband der Börsenvereine an deutschen Hochschulen) is the Federal Association of University Investment Clubs in Germany, dedicated to enhancing financial education and practical investment skills among students. As part of BVH, you gain access to a world full of opportunities!


BVH Conference 2023


November 24th to 25th




est. 80 - 100 €

To attend, you'll need to purchase your own tickets.

To assist you, we're planning to subsidize a portion of the ticket cost.

The exact sponsorship amount isn't finalized yet, as it depends on the number of participants. We anticipate the individual contribution to be approximately between 80 to 100 euros, but please note that we cannot guarantee this exact amount.

What to Expect


Networking Opportunities

Educational Workshops

Investment Competitions

Hands-On Experience

Events and Conferences

Research Resources

Career Prospects

How to Access BVH Benefits

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