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Deutsche Börse Frankfurt

Junior Analyst Program

Through the JAP, you will have the chance to attend a series of events and workshops hosted by industry professionals, expanding your knowledge and potential career opportunities. You'll gain valuable knowledge that can help you stand out in the competitive world of finance, and you will network with like-minded students and field-professionals. The JAP Certificate stipulates merely an attendance/participation proof.

Event Schedule

Event 1


Deutsche Bank - Investment Philosophy ( Online)


*Bonus Event


CV workshop with Jan Voss (Online)


Event 2


Solactive - Index creation and basket analysis workshop (Online)

Event 3


Kroll - Valuation workshop ( Pavilion)


Event 4


Magaur - Alternative Investments (focus on Private Equity) (Pavilion)


*Bonus Event


Mock Stock Pitch by previous BVH award winners

Event 5


Börse Stuttgart - Macroeconomic Focus & Sector Outlook (Pavilion)


*These events are subject to change so keep an eye on the members WhatsApp group!*

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Certificate disclaimer:

In order to obtain the full JAP certificate you will be required to participate in any 3 of 5 events, as well as the stock pitch competition. Participation will be determined by QR code scanning and input across all events. The bonus CV workshop & Mock Stock Pitches are not included. This certificate is prestigious and is proof of the skills you have acquired throughout the preparation period, as well as your determination to join ISPC.

A separate registration will be available for you to register your stock on the website closer to the time and will be announced at our events.

Bonus Events:

Seeing that the CV workshop will be held by an ex-Goldman Sachs employee, we would highly recommend it to further increase your application success rate. The Mock Stock Pitches by previous award winners will give you a clear understanding of what is expected at the ISPC, to ensure you a successful preparation.


JAP & ISPC Preparation material:

The preparation material will be available through our members portal in due time.

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