Board of Honour ​

The ESB Investment Club & its members are involved in many competitions in the financial sector and have been able to achieve great success there in recent years. The Board of Honour gives an overview of projects in which our members have successfully participated such as the BVH stock pitch competition, the JAP stock pitch competition, investment banking competitions and portfolio challenges. 


As DNA of the ESB Investment Club, commitment & dedication and continuous development are part of it. We support our members in this and would be happy to welcome you soon on our board of honor for an outstanding performance in the financial sector. 

BVH Stock Pitch Competition 2021 ​

Sina Krist & Josh Tolsdorf: 2. Place BVH SPC 2021

November 2021, the official BVH Stock Pitch Competition took place. The two finalists Sina Krist and Josh Tolsdorf secured second place with their successful pitches. In addition, the online competition was broadcast live in Reutlingen so that all students of Reutlingen University could participate. was a great opportunity to get in touch with other investment clubs from all over Germany and get an insight into their work. As a long stock pitch, we presented M1 Klinik with an undervaluation, while we identified Beyond Meat as a short pitch candidate with an overvaluation. We learned about exciting stock analyses for possible future investments, took helpful suggestions for improvement from the judges and demonstrated our financial analytical skills. 

Indonesian Investment Banking Competition 2021​

J. Tolsdorf, R. Fink and 

J. Marienfeld: Semi-Final Finish 2021

July 2021, we were able to send three of our Board Members to the Indonesia Investment Banking Competition and compete against other Business students around the globe. 

Part of the Challenge was to analyze the finical statements of the acquirer and three chosen target companies. 

After analyzing the business models, we were able to deliver a case that got us into the second round. From there we started to produce a video where we further explained our thesis.

A lot of work but a truly unforgettable experience!

JAP Stock Pitch Competition 2021 ​

Sina Krist, Julius Bothe and  Julien Guillon :

1. Place Junior Analyst Stock Pitch Competition 2021

In April 2021, as part of the first edition of the Junior Analyst Program, there was a stock pitch competition for all participants. With 26 participants distributed in 3 groups, Sina was winning in a competitive group with her pitch about Nibe Industrier. Julius was able to outlay his ideas and valuations about Paypal and future growth in the fintech sector. Julien on the other side has prevailed in a car dominant group with his recommendation about the Chinese car manufacturer BYD. Despite the online environment due to the pandemic, participants got in touch with elite jurors from the financial industry and we congratulate every member for the successful participation of the Junior Analyst Program

BVH Stock Pitch Competition 2020 ​

Mathias Elser: 1. Place BVH SPC 2020

The ESB Investment Club's first preround of the National BVH Stock Pitch Competition took place in 2020. Mathias secured first place and participated in the final. In an online competition, he won against his competitors with Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals as his long case and Zoom Video Communications as his short case. With an auspicious product pipeline, Clinuvel presented great future growth opportunities. On contrary, Zoom showed a significant overvaluation caused by the pandemic and the hype the stock did undergo.

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